Friday, February 12, 2016

Growth through Art

It is amazing to see the positive influence you have in a child. There have been many students that have shown their growth over the years. That growth shows how having art in elementary school really enhances their minds, creative thinking and even their confidence. That's one of the beautiful things about the arts. 

For example, one student I have taught for a few years has had many personal issues that had to be overcome before art could be the focus. I have been amazed by the tremendous confidence boost and new found sense of self. No, art class wasn't the only reason for this positive change, however; the ability was always there and encouraged. I always encourage practice, especially if they need to practice certain skills. At first there was skepticism from this student. Most students are reluctant, but this student could not see what I saw. I realized this student needed as much positive feedback as possible. This student's behavior throughout the school had shown signs of that. Then, the student started asking more questions about art and work ethic. The changes began to show in the behavior as well as the art. Once a student that had shown such stress in art as well as in school began to let art into the heart. This student became more self-aware, more confident and less likely to lash out with negative behavior. The art had shown the power of working on the self. Art continues to feed the confidence this student needs. 

Yes, this is cheesy to say. If I hadn't seen this happen with many of my students, I would have a difficult time believing in education especially art education. These moments when you get to see or read about how art touches a student's life, makes you realize how important art education really is to any student. Art is so personal to each person. I always knew I needed art. You just never know who needs art in his or her life. Honestly, I think we could all benefit from more art in our lives! 

Monday, September 22, 2014


Each color table has an artist. We haven't done much with these artists yet...but we will like we do every year :)

Usually we do a project based on an artist...either style or use of elements of art in their artwork.